Continental Clothing, Earth Positive

Each of our t-shirts are delivered to the highest quality whilst being Socially responsible, Sustainable and EarthPositive®.

We recognise that garment manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging and harmful industrial sectors on the planet and for this reason use Continental Clothing Co. to source our 100% organic cotton products.

As part of the Fair Wear Foundation, our clothing production is free from, child labour and forced labour. Ensuring that all workers involved in our production have safe and healthy working conditions, legal labour contracts, payment of living wage, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, no discrimination against employees and no excessive hours of work.

The carbon footprint (CO2e) is the total carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases emitted during the cultivation and harvesting of cotton, fibre processing, textile production, packaging, transportation and warehousing. In January 2008, Continental Clothing Co. became the first company in the world to calculate the carbon footprint and place the Carbon Reduction Label on textile products.

Using Continental Clothing Co. we have reduced the carbon footprint of our products by around 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manufacturing, and by replacing standard grid electricity with renewable wind power.

It has been calculated that a single T-shirt saves around 7 kilograms of CO2e.

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