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The winner of our T-shirt give away competition goes to Olivia Waghorn! With this incredible painting. Thank you to all of you who entered. Please keep any ΘΑΣ photos coming in, more competitions to come soon!


People often disregard the difference one action can make. Each of our products make a significant environmental and social difference. One singular T-shirt's Carbon Footprint saves 7kg of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere; as well as providing a child in the developing world with a school bag and equipment. All items are produced in accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring fair wages and a safe and healthy work environment.


At Theta Alpha Sigma, we provide high quality long sleeve T-shirts with an inspired difference; each of our premium T-shirts aids the education of an orphaned child in the either the town of Kumbo, Cameroon or Kilifi, Kenya. Although universal access to education is generally taken for granted in more affluent societies, many areas are not so fortunate. At Theta Alpha Sigma, we believe broadening access to education in the developing world is the key to sustainable economic and social development. As such, each of our ethically made climate-neutral T-shirt’s buys a child their own school bag and equipment. Our ability to make customers feel proud of the difference their individual purchase has made, whilst acquiring a stylish piece of apparel, makes our brand unrivalled.

Theta Alpha Sigma The Educated Purchase